Littledata CEO Edward Upton appears on Martalks Podcast

Edward Upton, Founder and CEO, Littledata

Modern marketing teams have a bevy of solutions in their stacks, many of which come with their own native analytics and reporting tools. While these are useful sources of information, the data often doesn’t quite add up when cross-referenced with the revenue generated in their ecommerce platform.

Our CEO Edward Upton recently appeared on the Martalks Podcast to discuss how Littledata is helping marketing teams trust their data, and ultimately deliver better campaigns that can increase revenues. 

Here’s how Edward described the problem facing ecommerce marketing teams today… 

“Most of the brands we work with come to us with this nagging suspicion that the reports they’re used to seeing in Google Analytics, or Facebook ads, or wherever, are not actually quite right. They often don’t know what the root cause is, they don’t know enough about the underlying tracking to know that it’s off. They just don’t trust it.

“One of the reasons they don’t trust it is the revenue they see just doesn’t match the revenue that they know from the e-commerce platform, from their Shopify admin, that they’ve actually done that week. If you can’t make those high level metrics line up all of the underlying data, all of the more detailed reports, you start to lose confidence in them.”

Ultimately, this restricts marketing, since a lack of confidence in the data translates into greater caution when allocating budgets.

“It’s not just about the reporting. The clients’ tactics improve because they’re getting more accurate recurring orders or information about upsells or other tactics they’re using.” 

One such tactic is the use of identity resolution matching. Historically, tracking the browsing history of a customer would only have been possible if they were logged in. As Edward explains, this presents a lost opportunity for the retailer… 

“Lots of customers on your storefront are interacting with sites, adding products to cart, but maybe not completing the order. And some of those customers are also people that are on your CRM. They’re on your email list. The challenge has always been, ‘How do you know that?’

“Because the point at which they’re browsing and considering a purchase they’re not logged in. So the challenge is, how do you match profiles together and say, ‘this visitor is actually Edward who is on our email list.’ So if you did want to email him, now’s your chance. That’s the problem we’re solving.”

Littledata is able to identify shoppers using a range of data points and match these previously lost to existing customer profiles. Through integration with Klaviyo, retailers are then able to email shoppers with abandoned carts or incomplete browsing sessions, prompting them to make the purchase…

“We’re seeing a 40 to 50% uplift in the number of people that you can actually email with an abandoned cart campaign…

“For most brands, we talk about, that is the single biggest and most successful tactic in Klaviyo. So it’s a meaningful improvement.”

These features, and the greater sense of trust retailers have in their data, is of massive benefit to digital agencies and integrators. As Edward explains, the inaccuracy of marketing data across platforms is a stumbling block in the agency/retailer relationship… 

“We work a lot with agencies of all types: performance marketing agencies, CRO agencies, design and build agencies. 

“The reason it works so well as a channel for us is that, first of all, we’re solving a major pain point. For most agency managers I talk to, one of their top customer gripes is ‘I don’t think these reports are quite working’. 

“They don’t want to step in because ultimately that’s not the service they’re providing. But it is a blocker for their business. 

“If you don’t have a baseline of how the funnel’s steps are all working then it’s very difficult to make any concrete improvements because you don’t know what it was like before or how it’s getting better.” 

During the rest of the discussion, Edward also gave valuable insight into his experience as an entrepreneur, drawing on his experience as a two-time founder. 

You can listen to the podcast above, or learn more about Littledata’s data tracking solution here

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