How Smith Teamaker increased browse abandonment revenue by 95% with Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration

How Smith Teamaker increased browse abandonment revenue by 95% with Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration


Smith Teamaker, renowned for its high-quality teas and ethical sourcing, shifted from wholesale to DTC ecommerce during the pandemic. Their total revenue reached $19.2 million last year, including $7.9 million from online sales. 

To sustain this growth, Smith Teamaker installed Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration for Shopify, significantly enhancing abandoned cart targeting and increasing revenue from Klaviyo emails. 


As the business grew rapidly, Smith Teamaker kept facing significant data challenges with:

  • Customer Identification: Inconsistent customer tracking across sessions restricted personalized marketing efforts.
  • Data Enrichment: Inability to enrich Klaviyo profiles with detailed customer behavioral data reduced the effectiveness of automated email flows.
  • Customer Privacy Compliance: Difficulty maintaining GDPR and CCPA compliance for customer tracking.
  • Abandoned Carts: High cart abandonment rates required a reliable way to identify and recover abandoned carts to maximize sales opportunities.


After less than 10 minutes of setup, Littledata’s Klaviyo integration was the perfect solution for Smith Teamaker’s problems. Littledata was able to solve all their major challenges:

  • Data Enrichment: Detailed behavior data for personalized, automated email flows.
  • Customer Identification: Enhanced identity resolution linked anonymous sessions with identified customers, improving abandoned cart audience size.
  • Compliance and Trust: Maintained GDPR and CCPA compliant tracking with secure add-to-cart and post-click identification.
  • Abandoned Carts: Server-side tracking for actions like add-to-cart and viewed products, enhancing customer retargeting.

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  • 95% Increase in Browse Abandonment Revenue: Our integration led to a substantial 95% increase in revenue from browse abandonment flows, adding $2.4k from the Littledata-triggered flow on top of the $2.5k recovered from the legacy flow.*
  • 18% Higher Revenue per Email Recipient: Personalized campaigns based on enriched data increased revenue per recipient, with $2.21 from Littledata-triggered flows versus $1.88 from legacy flows.*
  • 58% Increase in Abandoned Cart Revenue: After running new and legacy flows in parallel for two months to compare performance, the results were impressive: a 58% increase in revenue from cart abandonment.*
  • Cost-Effective Growth: These significant tracking and revenue improvements came with minimal additional costs, optimizing marketing spend and capturing more sales from existing customers.


Littledata’s Klaviyo Integration has driven remarkable, low-effort revenue growth for Smith Tea, enriching customer insights, and boosting personalized marketing efforts. By addressing data challenges and refining their marketing tactics, Smith Teamaker is poised for continued success in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

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* Stats from Klaviyo on the Cart Abandonment improvements between March 25th and April 24th

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