Top 5 Klaviyo integrations for data-driven Shopify stores

Top 5 Klaviyo Integrations for data driven shopify stores

One of the great things about getting to look under the hood of top Shopify merchants at Littledata is that we also get to see what really accelerates growth. Klaviyo is the most widely adopted email marketing platform for our brands, but what are those merchants using to get consistent revenue uplifts?

Not surprisingly, the apps that make the biggest difference to quickly growing revenue are all super fast (as in fast and responsive, but also lean enough not to negatively impact site speed or checkout availability). But the other trend we’ve seen this past year is with apps that offer deep — and often automated — Klaviyo integrations targeting specific user behavior, especially around retention marketing, from winback, upsell and bundling campaigns to browse and cart abandonment.

Think this can all be hard to do without a full-on data engineering team? Think again. The apps we’re highlighting today make it easy to improve Klaviyo flow performance with just the push of a button.

Here, in no particular order, are the top Klaviyo integrations used by many of our fastest-growing Shopify Plus merchants. And yes, unlike some “identity resolution” apps out there, these all respect user consent setting (ie. they aim to help merchants be privacy compliant in both Europe and North America). This includes global settings like respecting Shopify’s Customer Privacy API.

1. Dataships

Privacy and compliance are complex issues, but luckily merchants now have access to tools like Dataships that not only help you manage consent collection, but maximize your growth potential while mitigating compliance risk. Dataships optimizes email and SMS marketing consent collection for growth and compliance. Our merchants love how easy it is to use.

Features include:

  • Optimized checkboxes based on the contact location
  • Comprehensive validation and audit-ready consent logs
  • Klaviyo list management and status syncing in real-time

Littledata customers especially love how Dataships help them focus on improving their Marketing Consent Rate (MCR), which in turn helps to increase revenue organically. Check out how makeup brand Sculpted by Aimee Connolly used Dataships to grow their marketable rate in the Shopify checkout from 31% to 81% (ie they went from being able to market to 3 out of 10 customers in Klaviyo, to 8 out of 10 customers!).

2. Grid + Pixel

In ecommerce, a picture is worth even more than a thousand words. When done right, personalized images can turn casual shoppers into devoted customers.

Grid & Pixel powers personalized email and SMS templates that drop right into your automations. Their dynamic graphics and animations that work perfectly with Shopify and Klaviyo, and pair well with Littledata’s enhanced identity resolution for users shopping on your site.

Why our merchants love Grid & Pixel:

3. Littledata

Littledata was the original server-side tracking app for Shopify, offering better data for analysis in tools like Google Analytics (Universal Analytics and then GA4), as well as apps connected to the Segment CDP.

When we extended that top-reviewed functionality to offer identity resolution and session enrichment specifically for Klaviyo email and SMS, it unlocked even more revenue for Shopify stores. Littledata is now the easiest way to identify high-intent shoppers on your site. And it does this only using first-party data!

Top reasons to choose Littledata in 2024:

  • 40% larger audiences for abandoned cart campaigns
  • Major revenue uplifts (average 150% among the merchants I’ve worked with), even if you’re already using 3rd-party tools
  • Privacy-compliant for GDPR and CCPA
  • Works automatically with the new Shopify checkout (checkout extensibility) and all subscription apps (eg. Recharge, Stay Ai)

Littledata’s Klaviyo connection automatically pulls in more high-intent users for more effective retargeting. Ready to capture more revenue? See how it works in a free 30-day trial from the Shopify app store, or book a demo to learn more.

4. Rebuy

By now, everybody has heard of Rebuy. But did you know that it’s much more than just an upsell app? Yes, it’s great at pushing effective post-purchase offers, but Rebuy’s personalization platform goes much deeper now. It helps merchants create engaging, individualized and intelligent shopping experiences — and it’s all super automated and user-friendly.

Rebuy’s deep Klaviyo integration lets you create personalized email & SMS messages that increase revenue through Rebuy-powered product recommendations in Klaviyo flows. Why our merchants love it:

  • Makes it easy to push recommendations in a targeted way
  • Lets you surface Rebuy “Smart Links” in Klaviyo Flows to offer clickable, custom URLs
  • Helps increase both conversion rates and AOV (eg. from promoting relevant cross-sells and bundles)
  • Integrates automatically with Littledata’s identity resolution and session enrichment for Klaviyo

5. Yofi

The other app we’ve noticed consistently lead to a major revenue uplift for brands using Shopify and Klaviyo (though they support many ecommerce platforms), is Yofi.

Yofi is an identity platform that protects profits, ensures data integrity, and empowers decisions for genuine customers by eliminating bad actors. Their unique tech helps keep your Klaviyo lists clean and relevant, automatically. It might seem counterintuitive to think that cleaning up your Klaviyo email list will help increase profits — aren’t more emails always a good thing? — but for a typical merchant 1% of total customers account for 13% of discounts and loyalty rewards redeemed, and those “bad actors” tend to abuse other parts of the system as well (such as returns and refunds).

So if you’re thinking of improving the quality of your Klaviyo marketing this year — especially if one of your goals is generating revenue from abandoned cart campaigns — try out the apps in this blog post and let us know what you think! Our customers at Littledata are always exploring the best new tech and we love sharing their findings with the wider ecommerce community.

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