How UCAN doubled their abandoned cart revenue 

UCAN, a leading sports performance brand known for its innovative nutrition products, empowers athletes to achieve their best. With a commitment to science-backed ingredients and high-quality products, UCAN has become a trusted name in the sports industry. 


Abandoned carts are a common challenge for DTC brands, representing missed opportunities for revenue and customer engagement. UCAN, despite having a robust email marketing strategy, was missing out on significant revenue due to ineffective targeting of abandoned cart emails.


Littledata’s Klaviyo integration proved to be the perfect solution for UCAN’s challenges, providing:

Enhanced Identity Resolution: Precise targeting of abandoned cart emails by linking anonymous browsing sessions with opted-in users.

Real-time Event Tracking: Triggering key events directly from Shopify’s servers ensured timely and relevant abandoned cart emails.

Seamless Integration with Klaviyo: Smooth implementation with compatible events, eliminating the need for property remapping.

Increased Audience Size: Littledata’s server-side identity resolution better links opted-in customer profiles to pre-checkout events, increasing audience size without additional marketing spend.

Product Category Personalization: Littledata trigger splits by category and dynamic hero images in abandoned cart emails tailored to customer interests enhanced personalization and effectiveness.

Tip: Our ROI Calculator sheet allows you to estimate the Return on Investment from Littledata, given performance of current Klaviyo flows.

By using Littledata’s Klaviyo integration UCAN also benefits from: 

Data Enrichment: Personalized, automated email flows based on enriched data.

Detailed Behavior Data: Improved customer identification.

Compliance: GDPR and CCPA compliant tracking ensured secure add-to-cart and post-click identification.

Server-side Tracking: Enhanced customer retargeting and improved abandoned cart recovery through actions like add-to-cart and viewed products tracking.

Backward Compatibility: No need to remap email templates with Klaviyo’s Added to Cart or Checkout Started events.


After 30 days of running the new Littledata-triggered and legacy flows in parallel, UCAN experienced:

110% Increase in Abandoned Cart Revenue: Generating an additional $4,400 in one month.

43% Higher Revenue per Email Recipient: Personalized campaigns based on enriched data led to a 43% higher revenue per recipient, with $1.75 from Littledata-triggered flows versus $1.22 from legacy flows.


UCAN’s success story with Littledata’s Klaviyo integration underscores the power of data-driven strategies in driving business growth. With precise targeting, real-time tracking, and personalization, UCAN enhanced their abandoned cart email performance and achieved substantial revenue growth. 

You can learn more about their journey and products at

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