Guiding the growth of a furniture retailer is an online-only designer furniture retailer, based in London and now operating in six European countries.

To boost their sales growth, MADE works with many online marketing partners, leading to a lot of (sometimes conflicting) behaviour data being collected – and performance issues with the data collection itself. was using Google Analytics as its primary analytics platform, but realised they were not using the full functionality on offer.

They asked the Littledata team to help, and have grown revenue by 52% over the period we’ve been working with them.

Working with the CTO of MADE, Jonathan Howells and Senior Ecommerce Manager, Alex Hamilton, Littledata started with a thorough audit of the existing setup and veracity of information collected in Google Analytics.  From there we prioritised improvements that allowed’s team dig deeper into their analytics, and get insight informing their marketing spend.

Better data on product performance sells a constantly evolving range of furniture direct from Asian manufacturers to European customers. Product-level conversion data is essential to guide promotions, but the previous analytics setup lacked detail for every step of the shopping journey. Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.53.19 pm

Littledata recommended Enhanced Ecommerce as the right solution to improve the ease of their reporting. This involved migrating the existing custom event tracking to Google’s new Universal Analytics platform. With tens of millions of events captured a month, and over 200 ‘tags’ capturing data, this was a challenging task to take on.

Once implemented, Enhanced Ecommerce allowed the marketing and product teams to see each product, category or designer from when it was first seen by the customer through to the checkout and purchase. checkout analysis

Accurate insight

The MADE team often lacked insight on whether a new page elements features and or copy-writing was useful to customers browsing the site.

Littledata mapped the historic event tracking and reviewed it with content, marketing and product teams to understand what was being tracked versus what they wanted to track – and so propose a simplified plan in line with business goals.

“Before Littledata’s work we had a hard time deciding which data source to trust for a particular campaign. Now, with their tools and expertise, we have a simple, authoritative stream of insight to guide our spend.”

– Tom Kay, Head of UK Acquisition for MADE

With new-found confidence in the data captured, the team is able to use Littledata’s reporting tools – along with Google Analytics directly – to action site improvements or tweak marketing campaigns.

device paths

Saving time with flexible tracking

MADE has teams in three locations, covering six different countries across Europe. With so many people involved, simple site tagging changes were taking months to implement, test and adjust when needed.

Using Google Tag Manager, Littledata was able to bring this deployment time down to under 3 days in most cases, saving lot of valuable developer time on MADE’s side. Responding to new requests and tracking fixes was much quicker, and collaboration with marketing partners on their specific data needs was much more transparent.

As a bonus, the significant burden of extra Javascript on many of their pages was reduced – so making the page load speed snappier for all the customers.


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