Case Study: Tutorfair

Tutorfair is a marketplace for face-to-face tutors in the UK, offering a simple way to browse and compare the best tutors by area and subject. They also provide free tutoring for poorer children as part of their ‘fair’ agenda.


The Brief

Tutorfair had already implemented ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics, but wanted to see which locations and subjects were driving sales.

They also wanted a better view of the conversion funnel, from the customers browsing for a tutor, to making an enquiry, to actually booking a time-slot.

Our Solution

We recommended a switch to tracking using Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics. This allowed easier maintenance, fewer interruptions for their development team, and the possibility of using two of Google Analytics’ newest features: custom dimensions and enhanced ecommerce reporting.

Setting up enhanced ecommerce reporting involves sending data on the products browsed, added to cart / basket and checked out through the process. Google Tag Manager could extract this data from the pages, without altering the website code, and also track non-page-load events such as clicking a button to ‘request a time’. This was combined with setting custom dimensions when a visitor browsed by location or subject.

shopping behaviour

The Outcome

Insights into how different customer groups convert are now possible: e.g. ‘Visitors searching for maths tutors were 20% more likely to convert than those searching for science tutors’.

Andrew Ground, CEO of Tutorfair, commented “This kind of reporting gives us a big competitive edge in search marketing and developing our offering for different subjects and locations, so it is amazing that the Littledata process made it so easy to set up.”

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