If you’re comparing Elevar against Littledata to get better data for your Shopify store, here’s a quick summary of where we differ.

Elevar is a great reporting tool, but their subscription analytics app is extremely limited in terms of both attribution and reporting.

In addition, Elevar’s GTM Suite is no match for Littledata’s Shopify app, which automatically tracks everything in Google Analytics and allows for easy Google Tag Manager implementation.

Subscription analytics for Shopify stores

The most successful merchants use Littledata’s subscription analytics connections instead of the Elevar Subscription Analytics app for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

When comparing the two subscription analytics tools, note that only Littledata offers:

  • Automated setup for ReCharge and Bold Subscriptions
  • Custom dimensions to calculate churn rates and lifetime value
  • Complete sales and marketing attribution
  • Works with both Segment and Google Analytics
  • Server-side tracking for 100% accuracy
  • Better Google Analytics subscription tracking

Here’s a more detailed look at how we compare.

Littledata vs Elevar Subscription Analytics

 LittledataElevar SubscriptionAnalytics
Integration setupAutomaticManual
Integrates with biggest Shopify subscription apps: ReCharge & Bold Subscriptions
Timing of orders being sentWithin seconds after the order is placed.Orders sent in bulk at least 2x a day. Manual sync available.
Setup of recurring view and additional filtersAutomaticManual
User attributionOrders are sent withcustomer clientIDs, ensuring correct attribution.Orders sent with a random ID. Cannot be attributed to any user.
Attributes to correct campaignTied with the clientID. First interaction attribution model used.Orders sent with `Direct / None` in bulk and no attribution available.
Subscription type differentiationUsing the `Affiliation` dimension.Using the `Event action` dimension.
Makes it possible to calculate Customer Lifetime Value *
Makes it possible to calculate Subscriber Churn Rate *
Makes it possible to calculate Subscriber Purchas Count *
Google Analytics treats orders as coming from Bot traffic
Segments sales by payment gateway *
Automatically pulls PPC data into Google Analytics
Segment.com integration

* Via Littledata’s custom dimensions in Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager for Shopify stores

Choosing between Littledata and Elevar to automate Google Tag Manager for your Shopify store? Unlike Elevar, Littledata tracks every essential ecommerce event, including product clicks, refunds, and third-party checkouts. It’s that easy.

Here’s a comparison chart.

Littledata vs Elevar GTM Suite

LittledataElevar GTM Suite
Product view list
Tracks product list views as you scroll
Product detail
Product list clicks
Add to cart
Remove from cart
Product image clicks
Product social clicks
Checkout stepsShopify
Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus
Automatic Domain linking
Customer info
3rd party checkout attribution

In summary, Littledata and Elevar GTM Suite both implement Enhanced Ecommerce events for Shopify stores. So why is Littledata so much better?

On the technical side of things, the main difference is that Littledata uses server-side tracking, rather than only client-side tracking, to achieve 100% accuracy — this lets us capture everything that happens in your ecommerce checkout. In addition, Elevar’s setup, while usefull, will enable marketing attribution only in the case of Shopify checkouts, where Littledata already supports all third-party checkout flows, including multi-currency sales and custom checkouts like CartHook.

So what are you waiting for? Start a free trial or talk to us about enterprise plans.