Littledata vs Elevar

What’s the difference between Littledata and Elevar?

Elevar and Littledata both provide a reliable way of getting ecommerce data into Google Tag Manager, but Littledata provides a quicker way to automatically track everything in Google Analytics — including server-side events.

google analytics app featured in shopify app store

Littledata’s data layer works automatically and integrates with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Segment. Watch a quick demo video to see how it works.

With Littledata, you own the ecommerce analytics data in Segment, GA, or any connected reporting tool (Mixpanel, Data Studio, Tableau, etc) or data warehouse (Snowflake, Azure, Redshift). If you ever change your mind, you can uninstall and not lose any data.

Hundreds of happy Shopify customers are sticking with Littledata for automatic tracking and expert support. Many just use Google Analytics directly to get accurate data on the KPIs they need to scale their business.

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headless shopify tracking

Google Tag Manager for Shopify stores

Choosing between Littledata and Elevar to automate Google Tag Manager for your Shopify store? Unlike Elevar, Littledata tracks every essential ecommerce event, including product clicks, refunds, and third-party checkouts. It’s that easy.

In addition, Littledata is optimized for Shopify Plus and headless Shopify setups, whether you’re selling in one currency or you have multiple country stores (multi-currency).

Here’s a comparison chart.

Littledata events vs Elevar GTM Suite

LittledataElevar GTM Suite
Product view list
Tracks product list views as you scroll
Product list clicks
Product detail
Add to cart
Remove from cart
Product image clicks
Product social clicks
Checkout stepsShopify Plus only
Automatic Domain linking
Customer info
3rd party checkout attribution

In summary, Littledata and Elevar GTM Suite both implement Enhanced Ecommerce events for Shopify stores. So why is Littledata so much better?

Littledata uses server-side tracking combined with browser (client-side) tracking, rather than only client-side tracking. This lets us capture everything that happens from the checkout onwards with 100% accuracy, and link it back to earlier customer touch points, whether they came from paid ads (ppc channels) or organic search and extensive browsing on your store website. Whether you’re sending Shopify data to Segment or Google Analytics, we’ve got you covered — with support for standard themes, headless setups, multi-currency sales, and more.

Subscription analytics for Shopify stores

Littledata’s Shopify app is especially useful for subscription analytics, where you can attribute all recurring transactions back to marketing campaigns – and it works out the box with alternative checkouts such as ReCharge and CartHook.

Many successful merchants use Littledata’s subscription analytics connections instead of the Elevar Subscription Analytics app for Shopify and Shopify Plus.

When comparing the two subscription analytics tools, note that only Littledata offers:

  • Automated setup for ReCharge and Bold Subscriptions checkouts
  • Advanced integration with any recurring billing app in the Shopify checkout including ReCharge, Bold Subscriptions, Ordergroove, PayWhirl and Smartrr
  • Custom dimensions to calculate churn rates and customer lifetime value (sometimes called CLV, LTV or CLTV)
  • Complete sales data and marketing attribution
  • Server-side tracking for 100% accuracy
  • Easy setup for headless tracking
  • Automatic multi-currency tracking
  • Ability to send data to both Segment and Google Analytics
  • Better Google Analytics subscription tracking

Here’s a more detailed look at how we compare.

Littledata vs Elevar Subscription Analytics

 LittledataElevar Subscription Analytics
Integration setupAutomaticManual
Integrates with biggest Shopify subscription apps: ReCharge & Bold Subscriptions
Timing of orders being sentWithin a minute of the order being placedOrders sent in bulk twice a day. Manual sync available
Setup of recurring view and additional filtersAutomaticManual
User attributionOrders are sent with correct attributionOrders cannot be attributed to any user
Attributed to correct marketing campaignYesOrders attributed to `Direct / None`
Subscription type differentiationUsing the Affiliation dimension.Using the Event action dimension.
Calculate Customer Lifetime Value *
Calculate Subscriber Churn Rate *
Calculate Subscriber Purchase Count *
Google Analytics treats orders as coming from Bot traffic
Segment sales by payment gateway *
Automatically pulls PPC data into Google Analytics integration

* Via Littledata’s custom dimensions in Google Analytics

So what are you waiting for? Start a free trial or talk to us about Littledata Plus plans, which include higher data thresholds and account management from an analytics expert.

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