If you’re comparing Glew.io against Littledata.io as tools to get better insights on ecommerce performance, here is a quick summary of where we differ.

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At its heart, Glew is a dashboard tool – with common ecommerce data views, and integrations to many common ecommerce and marketing platforms.

Littledata Shopify Reporting App

Littledata by contrast is an automated setup tool for Shopify, plus insights on top of the improved Google Analytics data.

Littledata is much more than just a dashboard tool or data warehouse. At half the price of Glew, our app actually fixes data setup and tracking issues, and in addition to that improved Google Analytics setup we offer powerfully simple reporting, from automated report packs to benchmarks and buyer personas. Plus, you can easily connect that GA data to any additional dashboards, including Google Data Studio.

The Differences

Glew Littledata
Google Analytics integration Pulls daily reports on campaign and traffic volumes Sets up a complete customer journey in Google Analytics
Shopify integration Pulls sales and product data from Shopify Inserts an improved tracking script to capture key events in the customer journey

Ensures a 100% match between Shopify revenues and Google Analytics revenues

Shopify app rated by stores

ReCharge integration Pulls subscription history from ReCharge Correctly attribute recurring sales to marketing campaigns

Segment based on lifetime value in Google Analytics

Reporting Deep reports on customers, products and channels

Build your own reports using common data sources

Unqiue audit, benchmarking and buyer personas reports

Report packs for different business functions

Custom reporting for your business built by experts

Customer analytics Analyse what a named customer bought
Target specific customer segments
Does not store customers’ personal data
Exporting data Enterprise customers can export from data warehouse, with the help of a database engineer Connect the improved underlying Google Analytics data to a dashboard of your choice
Pricing $199 for a store with up to $1M annual revenue $99 for a store with up to $1M annual revenue

$39 for a store with under $250k annual revenue

Consulting & services Glew Advisory services can help with building custom dashboards and reporting Littledata experts build custom reports AND setup of other common marketing tools, such as Facebook and AdWords