Overview: Shopify to Segment connection

Quick guide to Littledata's Shopify to Segment connection.

FAQ: Shopify to Google Analytics

Frequently asked questions about Littledata's Shopify to Google Analytics connection

Facebook Ad Costs to GA FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's Facebook Ads connection.

FAQ: CartHook connection

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's CartHook integration for Shopify stores using Google Analytics.

Overview: CartHook connection

Quick overview of Littledata's CartHook connection for Segment and Google Analytics

How it works: Shopify to Google Analytics

How Littledata combines client-side and server-side tracking for better Shopify tracking in Google Analytics.

Advanced Tracking Guide: CartHook connection

Advanced tracking guide for Littledata's Carthook connection. Get custom scripts for Checkout page, Upsell page, Downsell page and Thank you page tracking

ReCharge to GA Connection: Old naming scheme

Relevant for installs prior to June 11, 2020. This technical guide covers how Littledata's integration with Shopify and ReCharge made changes to Google Analytics web property for better tracking and reporting. Contains deprecated naming scheme for ReCharge connection views and filters.