CartHook to GA

Overview: CartHook connection

Quick overview of Littledata's CartHook connection for Segment and Google Analytics

FAQ: CartHook connection

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's CartHook integration for Shopify stores using Google Analytics.

How It Works: CartHook connection

A technical guide to how Littledata's CartHook connection works with your data in Shopify, CartHook and Google Analytics.

Getting started: CartHook connection

This guide highlights the steps to get Littledata's Carthook connection set up.

Advanced tracking guide: How to track CartHook Upsells, Downsells, Checkout Steps and Thank You pages

Advanced tracking guide for Littledata's Carthook connection. Get custom scripts for Checkout page, Upsell page, Downsell page and Thank you page tracking

CartHook Uninstall Guide

This guide will show you how to disconnect the Littledata Carthook connection