Examples of raw events sent from Shopify to Segment

Code snippets that are all real examples of data our Segment connection sends.

ReCharge connection lifecycle events

Full list of the events ReCharge v2 connection sends to your Google Analytics account and Segment workspace

Tracking Shopify checkout funnel events

A guide to the structure of checkout funnel events sent from Littledata to Segment and Google Analytics for Shopify stores.

Overview: ReCharge connection

Quick overview of Littledata's ReCharge connection for Segment and Google Analytics.

FAQ: Facebook Ad Costs to GA

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's Facebook Ads connection.

Overview: Shopify to Segment connection

Quick guide to Littledata's Shopify to Segment connection.

FAQ: Shopify to Google Analytics

Frequently asked questions about Littledata's Shopify to Google Analytics connection

FAQ: CartHook connection

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's CartHook integration for Shopify stores using Google Analytics.