Shopify to Segment

About marketing attribution for Shopify stores

How to fix marketing attribution for Shopify stores.

Send data from Segment to Google Analytics

This guide describes how to configure your Google Analytics settings in Segment.

How it Works: Segment connection for Shopify stores

This is a table of events that Littledata's Segment connection sends from Shopify to Segment.

How to uninstall the app

This guide will show you how to uninstall the Shopify app.

Tracking checkout funnel events with Littledata

A guide to the structure of checkout funnel events sent from Littledata to Segment and Google Analytics for Shopify stores.

Overview: Shopify to Segment connection

Quick guide to Littledata's Shopify to Segment connection.

Examples of raw events sent from Shopify to Segment

Code snippets that are all real examples of data our Segment connection sends.

Getting Started: Headless Shopify to Segment connection

This is a guide on how to install the app by Littledata for headless Shopify stores.