Shopify to GA

Setting up extra cross-domain tracking for Google Analytics

Find out how to set up extra cross-domain tracking through Littledata's script

Multi-currency support for Shopify

How to automatically track payments in multiple currencies via Shopify Payments

Working with a headless Shopify setup

Littledata's Shopify connection will work automatically with the following 'headless' Shopify setups.

Tracking checkout funnel events with Littledata

A guide to the structure of checkout funnel events sent from Littledata to Segment and Google Analytics for Shopify stores.

FAQ: Shopify to Google Analytics

Frequently asked questions about Littledata's Shopify to Google Analytics connection

How it works: Shopify to Google Analytics

How Littledata combines client-side and server-side tracking for better Shopify tracking in Google Analytics.

Getting Started: Headless Shopify to Google Analytics connection

This is a guide on how to install the Littledata: Shopify to Google Analytics connection for Headless Shopify store