Developer docs

Examples of raw events sent from Shopify to Segment

Code snippets that are all real examples of data our Segment connection sends.

Setting up extra cross-domain tracking with Littledata’s Shopify app

Find out how to set up extra cross-domain tracking through Littledata's script

How to uninstall the app

This guide will show you how to uninstall the Shopify app.

How to add Google Ads conversion tracking on Shopify

This is a guide on how to easily add Google Ads conversion tracking to all of your pages through our smart script.

Working with a headless Shopify setup

Littledata's Shopify connection will work automatically with the following 'headless' Shopify setups.

Littledata V8 Shopify tracking script FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's new V8 tracking script for Shopify stores.

How to manually update the Littledata tracking code for Shopify

This is a guide for Shopify stores which pasted our script in manually and require a newer version

Google Tag Manager FAQ

This is an FAQ covering how the Littledata app interacts with Google Tag Manager (GTM), the services we provide for GTM, and the uses of GTM