Developer docs

Send Measurement Protocol data to your own collection endpoint

You might want to use a data pipeline to: Configure a Measurement Protocol schema in Snowplow Send Google Analytics data to OWOX BI Build your own app to stream live data into Google BigQuery

Setting up extra cross-domain tracking for Google Analytics

Find out how to set up extra cross-domain tracking through Littledata's script

Working with a headless Shopify setup

Littledata's Shopify connection will work automatically with the following 'headless' Shopify setups.

Shopify cart token API

Guide to send Littledata cart tokens from your Shopify store to enable linking of orders to web sessions in Google Analytics.

Monthly benchmarks export API

Guide to get web performance benchmarks – such as ecommerce conversion rate and bounce rate – across hundreds of industry sectors. Responds with a CSV file of performance by benchmark metric and sector.