Google Analytics

About marketing attribution for Shopify stores

How to fix marketing attribution for Shopify stores.

Tagging your campaigns for Google Analytics

This is a guide on how to tag your campaigns to reduce Direct traffic in Google Analytics

How to set up Site Search tracking in Google Analytics

This guide includes a video on how to set up site search tracking so that you can track what people are searching for on your website.

How to link Google Ads (AdWords) and Google Analytics

How to link Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts.

How to configure your checkout funnel in Google Analytics

How to configure your ecommerce checkout funnel in Google Analytics

Building reports on Customer Lifetime Value by marketing channel

Learn how to build reports using Custom Dimensions to see Customer Lifetime Value

Troubleshooting marketing attribution for Shopify

If your orders from Shopify in Google Analytics appear without the correct marketing attribution there are a few steps of Littledata's tracking that could be going wrong.

LTV from Google Analytics vs LTV provided by Littledata

Littledata's approach to LTV versus Google Analytics' approach