Google Analytics

Configure Checkout Funnel Steps

Configure your checkout funnel in Google Analytics and learn how Littledata sends checkout information to your Google Analytics and Segment accounts

Tracking Bold Subscriptions with Littledata

How to see your first-time and recurring orders from Bold Subscriptions or Bold Cashier in Google Analytics

How to uninstall the app

This guide will show you how to uninstall the Shopify app.

Attributing sales to marketing campaigns

An explanation on how Littledata fixes marketing attribution.

Tagging your campaigns for Google Analytics

This is a guide on how to tag your campaigns to reduce Direct traffic in Google Analytics

How to set up Site Search tracking in Google Analytics

This guide includes a video on how to set up site search tracking so that you can track what people are searching for on your website.

Enabling demographics tracking in Google Analytics

How to enable demographics tracking in Google Analytics, for any type of website or ecommerce store.