Integrating OneTrust with Shopify

A script to integrate OneTrust with Shopify's Customer Privacy API

Integrating TrustArc with Shopify

Littledata has written a script to integrate TrustArc with Shopify's Customer Privacy API. This makes TrustArc compatible with Shopify's own tracking, and Littledata's enhanced tracking scripts.

Does Littledata work with my Shopify apps?

FAQ and setup steps for using Littledata's Google Analytics tracking with Shopify apps such as Shogun and Zipify Pages.

Supported Shopify payment gateways

How Littledata tracks payment gateways such as (Flow Commerce), ShopPay (Shopify Payments), PayPal, Affirm and Klarna.

Refersion integration

In the Refersion dashboard you can see the orders linked to affiliate links or voucher codes, and with Littledata’s Shopify to Google Analytics connection you can also see in Google Analytics how Refersion affiliates contribute to customer conversion.