Subscription Connections

ReCharge Uninstall Guide

How to disable the ReCharge connection and restore your original ReCharge settings

Working with a headless Shopify setup

Littledata's Shopify connection will work automatically with the following 'headless' Shopify setups.

FAQ: ReCharge connection

Frequently Asked Questions about Littledata's ReCharge integration for Shopify stores using Google Analytics.

How to check if the ReCharge connection is working

How to tell if the ReCharge integration is working properly.

Custom dimensions for calculating customer lifetime value

A look at the custom dimensions Littledata sends to Google Analytics, and how you can use them to calculate customer lifetime value.

Getting started: ReCharge connection

This is a guide on how to integrate ReCharge for Shopify stores that have the Littledata app installed.

How it Works: ReCharge to Google Analytics connection

A technical guide to how Littledata's integration with Shopify and ReCharge makes changes in your Google Analytics web property for better tracking and reporting.