Does Littledata work with my Shopify apps?

FAQ and setup steps for using Littledata's Google Analytics tracking with Shopify apps such as Shogun and Zipify Pages.

Troubleshooting marketing attribution for Shopify

If your orders from Shopify in Google Analytics appear without the correct marketing attribution there are a few steps of Littledata's tracking that could be going wrong.

Troubleshooting your Google Analytics goals

Common issues with setting up goals in Google Analytics

How to check if the ReCharge connection is working

How to tell if the ReCharge integration is working properly.

Tracking Shopify products by SKU and ID

How to track Shopify products by SKU and ID when you're using the Littledata app.

How to add account edit permissions for Google Analytics

This is a guide on how to add account edit permission in Google Analytics.

How to disable Shopify's default Google Analytics tracking code

How to replace Shopify’s tracker with the Littledata tracker, and how to check to make sure you disabled the default tracking correctly.