If you’d like to set up checkout funnel tracking in Google Analytics based on checkout page URLs, please follow the below steps:

1. In ReCharge, enable both Littledata and Google Analytics integrations:

2. Within the Google Analytics integration in ReCharge, in the Google Analytics IDfield, paste the ID of the property where you’d like to send the pageviews. (e.g. UA-123456789-1):

3. In Google Analytics, add a custom filter on all views that will receive traffic for that UA.

Note: Please be aware that you shouldn’t add this filter to the raw view. 

4. Go to Google Analytics Admin > Filters and hit ADD FILTER. Then set the filter to have the following values, as indicated below:
Choose a name for the filter
Select Filter Type: Custom
Select Exclude
Filter Field: Ecommerce Store or Order Location
Filter Pattern: your website address (e.g. www.mywebsite.com)

Note: If you decide to uninstall Littledata, please keep in mind that these filters should be deleted.