Littledata offers a range of pricing plans to fit any ecommerce budget.

All paid plans include access to our complete suite of features and integrations, including the analytics audit, industry benchmarks, and connections such as Shopify, ReCharge and Facebook Ads.

You continue to own the data that Littledata sends to Google Analytics or Segment, even if you choose to uninstall our app at a later date.

How pricing works

Littledata is priced based on the size of your store: your monthly sessions or orders. The volume of monthly orders includes recurring transactions (so whether you run a subscription ecommerce site or focus more on one-off purchases, it's fair pricing for everyone).

And the threshold is a maximum for either metric. So if you see 100,000 sessions per month but are doing 2,500 orders per month (good work!), then you would need to be on a Pro plan, as the maximum threshold for Standard plans is 150,000 sessions or 1,500 orders.

Choosing a plan

Of course, there's more to a business than its size. Which plan is best for your current business goals?

When picking the right plan for your site, our customers have found these questions to be the most useful:

  • Do you need help with custom setup or reporting?
  • Are you having issues with cross-domain tracking?
  • Do you run multiple brands or localized sites?
  • Will you need something other than our automated Shopify connection? (Do you need a manual connection to another platform such as Magento or BigCommerce?)
  • Do you use GTM?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, we would recommend a Pro plan or a Littledata Enterprise plan to ensure that you get the most out of Littledata.

Note: You can save up to 25% by paying annually.

Upgrading by necessity

As your store grows, so will your Littledata subscription. When you exceed the threshold for your current plan, you will need to upgrade to ensure data accuracy.

The upgrade process just takes a couple of clicks in the app.

Upgrading for more support

Our app will find the right tier for your store automatically, but if you're a growth-oriented store that wants the best possible support, you can always upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

So if you're a smaller store on the growth path, you are welcome to upgrade to Pro plan for extra support, and all serious merchants are welcome to chat with us about enterprise plans for custom setup and reporting.

Tip: Did you know? Enterprise plans are generally 1/10 the cost of hiring an outside developer for custom tracking or reporting.

Grandfathering (legacy plans)

Like many SaaS products, we periodically increase pricing for the Littledata app. When we do so, current paid users are 'grandfathered in' at their current rate -- another great benefit for early adopters.