Littledata's Shopify source supports the Facebook-specific identifiers needed for the cloud-mode Facebook Conversions API destination in Segment, but there are a few extra setup steps you will need to get Facebook Ad tracking working end-to-end.

  1. Add Facebook Pixel to all the landing pages
    This is needed to track the page views and set the Facebook cookies. Pixel is added automatically via Segment's tracker when you set up Segment's Facebook Pixel destination.
  2. Match Product Categories to Facebook Content TypesSegment tries to match the content type of events based on product_group but Shopify’s Facebook Catalog sync sets the product’s content type as product, resulting in a product catalog that can't be matched to events. To solve this you need to manually map product categories to the product content type.a. Go to the Facebook CAPI destination settingssegment settings
    b. Click on Map Categories to FB Content Types
    map product category

    c. Add all product types from the store to map to product. Note: Any uncategorized products will be included in category all so please add that mapping as well.

  3. Identify the product 'value' fieldEvents sent via Littledata to Segment include multiple property value parameters, so you need to select properties.price to map to Facebook’s value property.a. Go to the Facebook CAPI destination settings in Segment
    segment settingsb. Click Value Field Identifier settingsvalue field identifier
    c. Select properties.price and click Save