Note: This guide is intended for users that use Littledata v6.0 or newer.

Step 1. Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes.

Step 2. Hit Actions > Edit Code:

Step 3. Look for Littledatalayer.liquid under the Snippets folder and modify the file as follows.

This line:

gtag(‘config’, LittledataLayer.webPropertyID, config); 

should be modified to:

gtag(‘config’, LittledataLayer.webPropertyID, { ‘optimize_id’: ‘OPT_CONTAINER_ID’}); 

(where OPT_CONTAINER_ID should be your Optimize ID)

Then at the top of the Littledatalayer.liquid file (before the first line), add the anti-flicker snippet found here.

Google Optimize should now work as intended without creating a conflict with your Littledata setup.