Facebook Feed by Littledata is a Shopify app which provides a reliable way to sync your Shopify store with a product catalog in Facebook. You can then serve Dynamic Ads for Products (in conjunction with Facebook Pixel), or sync products with your Facebook Page shop or Instagram Shopping (on the paid plan).

Why use Facebook Feed?

This app is trusted by thousands of merchants to:

  • Provide an up-to-date product catalog in the exactly the format that Facebook recognises (refreshed daily)
  • Handle unlimited numbers of products and SKUs. Unlike feeds hosted on your Shopify store, which will time-out with thousands of products, our app generates a pre-processed XML file
  • Reliably match products with events sent from Pixel Perfect

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use add the feed to Facebook?

  1. Copy the URL from the Facebook Feed appgenerate product feed
  2. Go to the Catalog Manager section of Facebook Business Manager and click Create Catalog
  3. Select an Ecommerce / Products catalog
  4. Select to Upload Product Info, add a catalog owner and a name
  5. Select to Use Bulk Upload ..
  6. .. and to use a Scheduled feed
  7. Paste in the feed URL from the Facebook Feed app. No username or password is needed
  8.  Choose a daily schedule and select to ‘Add automatic updates’ 
  9. Now name your feed and select the store currency
  10. Finally, Facebook will import the products and warn you of any issues

How do I link this product catalog with my Facebook page shop?

Note: Compatibility with Facebook shop is only available on the paid plan


When you create a new Facebook shop, Facebook creates a blank product catalog linked to the shop. You should replace this catalog with the one you set up in the previous section.

  1. Under Use Cases select to Connect a Facebook Page
  2. Choose the shop you want to link with the product catalog

What's the difference between the Free and Paid plans?

Upgrading to the paid plan allows you to:

  • Sync more than 250 products
  • Sync the inventory levels of each product variant to use the feed with a Facebook page shop or Instagram Shopping

I've just upgraded or edited lots of products. Can I force an update to the product catalog

Yes, you can manually regenerate ever 3 hours if needed by clicking Regenerate Feed

generate product feed

How do I set a Google Product Category for my products

Facebook requires all your products to have a Google Product Category (GPC) set if you want to use checkout for Facebook Page shops or Instagram Shopping. This is because different categories have different refund and return policies.

  • In the Feed Settings you can set that GPC for all products.feed settings GPC
  • In the Pixel Perfect app you can set a default GPC and then a different GPC for any product collection in Shopify:pixel perfect GPC

How do I get my product collections in Shopify to sync with my Facebook shop collections or product sets?

Sorry, although our feed sends a product_type attribute for every product in the feed, the setup of collections in Facebook shop is not yet automated. This is also true of setting up product sets in the catalog manager, which in turn feed into shop collections. For now, you need to add collections or create a product set manually.


catlog product sets