This guide highlights the install steps for Littledata’s Shopify to Segment connection on a headless Shopify store.

1. Add the by Littledata app by going to the Shopify app store listing and click Add app to begin the installation process:


2. Configure Segment. Log into your Segment workspace, and Connect Shopify (by Littledata):


3. You will need to add your Segment workshop write key. Follow this guide to find your write key, then enter it and hit NEXT:

4. Select the Manual route:

5. Tick the Select for headless Shopify store set up box, then click NEXT:

6. Then follow steps 2 to 5 from our headless demo guide:

7. Go to and select the SEGMENT tab at the top of the page:

8. First, add the Segment tag:

9. Add pre-checkout event tracking:

10. Then get the anonymous ID from the browser:

11. Lastly, send the anonymous ID in checkout customAttributes:


Your set up is now complete: