Note: You can connect Google Analytics after installing our Shopify app or directly from the Connections tab:


Step 1. Choose a connection type:



Note: the benefits of each connection type are listed in the on-screen instructions as seen above.


1.1  The Complete Tracking option requires edit access to your Google Analytics; by choosing this option, Littledata will fix your Google Analytics configuration and will help you track Customer Lifetime Value. This option will also include all the features from the Basic Tracking option.


1.2 The Basic Tracking option requires read access to your Google Analytics and will offer an automated data audit, benchmarks and Missions to improve your performance.


Step 2. After choosing one of the above options, you will need to Authorise Google Analytics access:



Step 3. Choose a Google Analytics view; you will be allowed to choose a view onlyunder the property you have installed our Shopify app on:



Step 3. Next, Littledata will apply fixes to your Google Analytics configuration; once the set up is complete, you will see the below screen:


Note: : it might take a few minutes for the configuration to be completed. Do not refresh the page.