This connection automates and simplifies three setup tasks to get Google Ads (AdWords) connected with Google Analytics:

  1. Linking the Ads and Analytics accounts
  2. Auto-tagging campaigns for analysing in Analytics
  3. Importing audiences from Analytics to retarget with Ads

Automated linking and auto-tagging

Linking your Google Ads account to your Analytics property allows you to see the full customer picture, from how they interact with your ads to the point where they complete a purchase.

By using the AdWords API Littledata is able to automatically link a Google Analytics web property to all selected Google Ads accounts in seconds. We also enable auto-tagging to ensure that the gclid parameter is added to the link URLs so the landing page can determine which specific ad was clicked.

Standard remarketing audiences

Littledata also gives you the option to automatically create 4 audiences in Google Analytics, and sync these audiences with Ads. These audiences can be used for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Remarketing on the Google Display Network.

We create the following audiences: 

  • All visitors in the last 30 days
  • Only viewed a product - users who saw product details but no adds to cart in the last 30 days
  • Abandoned cart - users who added to cart but did not purchase in the last 30 days
  • Purchasers - users who made one or more transactions in the last 30 days

Using the goal or conversion data in Google Analytics you can build any other custom audience you want and also use this in the linked Ads account.

Importing conversions from Google Ads

Once the accounts are linked, you can change the settings (see steps 7 onwards) in Ads to use the GA conversion events (e.g. transactions or orders) to report on in Ads.

For example, if you create a goal for Add to Cart event in GA, you can see how many Adds to Cart happened after a particular ad click.