Littledata’s Shopify to Google Analytics connection uses a combination of client-side (browser) and server-side tracking to ensure 100% accurate data about your Shopify store in Google Analytics. Littledata automatically integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus sites to capture every customer touchpoint, including sales, marketing, customer and product performance data.

Client-side (browser) tracking

During the installation process, Littledata applies a tracking script to all pages (theme.liquid) under your Shopify store, except for the checkout steps:

  • Google’s gtag library is loaded on all pages
  • Creates a littledataLayer data layer for all pages, which you can also use with Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • Minified tracking code, hosted on a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Google’s client ID (user identifier) is passed to our servers to ensure consistent user journey tracking

Server-side tracking

During the Google Analytics connection setup flow in the app, Littledata also applies a set of webhooks to your Shopify store. This means that each time Shopify pings us back and confirms the user action we know which event has to be sent by our servers, ensuring 100% accuracy. There are many advantages to this approach:

  • Smaller script in the browser = faster page load
  • No extra scripts on the sensitive and secure checkout pages
  • Complete event capture for checkout flow, including sales and refunds/returns
  • Accurate marketing attribution (sessions stitched together)

Note: Using a headless Shopify setup? Follow the setup steps for headless Shopify tracking with Littledata.

What can you track

These are the events that Littledata sends from Shopify to Google Analytics. These events will show up as events under the Shopify (Littledata) event category and in Google Analytics’ enhanced ecommerce reports. Read more details on the event properties in our Google Analytics data layer guide.

Client-side events

Client-side events tracked by Littledata, via a script loaded within your Shopify theme.

Event ActionDescription
(pageview)User has viewed a page
view_item_listUser has viewed a product collection page
select_contentUser has clicked a product
view_itemUser has viewed a product
Product Image ClickUser has clicked a product image
Social ShareUser has shared a product

Server-side events

Server-side events are tracked by Littledata server’s from Shopify and passed onto any destination in cloud mode.

Event NameDescription
add_to_cartUser has added a product to the cart
remove_from_cartUser has removed a product from the cart
CheckoutUser has viewed a step in the checkout
Customer createdUser created as a customer
Customer updatedCustomer information updated
TransactionCustomer has completed an order
RefundOrder has been refunded

Subscription ecommerce events

Additional events available via Littledata’s ReCharge connection.

Event NameDescription
Subscription CreatedCustomer has created a subscription
Subscription UpdatedCustomer has updated a subscription
Subscription CancelledCustomer has cancelled a subscription
Order ProcessedRecurring order has been processed
Charge FailedFailed to charge customer
Charge Max Tries ReachedMaximum tries to charge customer has been reached
Payment Method UpdatedCustomer has updated the payment method
Customer UpdateCustomer information updated


Custom dimensions

With all the ecommerce events from the checkout onwards we sent extra user-scope custom dimensions to help you build audiences and analyze behavior.

Custom dimensionDescription
Lifetime RevenueTotal of all previous purchases for that customer on Shopify
Purchase CountCount of all previous purchases for that customer
Last Transaction DateDate of customer’s previous order
Shopify Customer IDCustomer ID as used on Shopify
Payment GatewayThe gateway used to process the last order’s payment