When you use Littledata’s CartHook and Shopify connections, our app audits your Google Analytics setup and applies an improved tracking script to your Shopify store.

This improved tracking automatically lets you:

  • Track products through list views, adds-to-cart and purchases
  • Segment orders by tag and product funnel
  • Attribute sales to marketing channels and campaigns
  • Track refunds

The marketing attribution frequently goes wrong with CartHook’s basic Google Analytics integration, and Shopify’s native tracking is notoriously inaccurate. When customers are referred to the CartHook checkout the original source of the subscriber is often lost. Littledata has worked with CartHook to solve this problem.

You can find the full list of improvements here.

What happens behind the scenes?
Littledata makes a server-side integration between Shopify, CartHook and Google Analytics. Every time an order is processed on Shopify we link that revenue to the customer session in Google Analytics (as measured by the GA user ID stored in a cookie). To link those two we stitch the user Client ID and CartHook session ID to the Shopify Order for correct attribution.

Setup guide
First, Install CartHook and Littledata for your Shopify store, then follow these steps to activate the connection.