Tip: Littledata's Google Ads connection provides an easier way to see accurate conversion data in Google Ads.

This guide is to add a Google Ads account ID to the Shopify tracker on your storefront. You only need to follow this guide if you also want to see view-through conversions from video or display ads.

Note: This removes the need to set up page tracking Google Tag Manager, but will only work for client-side events (not Add to Cart or Checkouts).

Step 1. Go to Shopify Admin > Online Store > Themes.

Step 2. Hit Actions > Edit Code:

Step 3. Look for Littledatalayer.liquid under the Snippets folder and modify the file as follows.

Change the LittledataLayer object to include the following extra line of code:


googleAdsConversionIds: ['AW-12345']

where AW-12345 should be replaced with your Google Ads account ID, or comma-separated list of Ad accounts.

Once you are done, click 'Save'.

Our Shopify tracker will now load the gtag tracking on all your pages - no need to do more.

Complete LittledataLayer object for your reference:


LittledataLayer = {
   transactionWatcherURL: 'https://transactions-staging.littledata.io',
   referralExclusion: /(paypal|visa|MasterCard|clicksafe|arcot\.com|geschuetzteinkaufen|checkout\.shopify\.com|checkout\.rechargeapps\.com|portal\.afterpay\.com|payfort)/,
   googleSignals: true,
   anonymizeIp: true,
   productClicks: true,
   persistentUserId: true,
   googleAdsConversionIds: ['AW-12345'],
   hideBranding: false,
   ecommerce: {
      currencyCode: '{{shop.currency}}',
      impressions: []