Littledata’s ReCharge connection automatically tracks ReCharge orders and sends that subscription data to Google Analytics. This is a quick guide to check if the connection is working or not.

Note:   Before using this guide, check Google Analytics to make sure you’ve had some orders, and that some of those are recurring orders. Otherwise there’s nothing to validate!

Marketing attribution problems

Please see our separate article on marketing attribution for Shopify.

First-time payments vs Recurring payment views

As you know, a recurring payment does not require another user interaction with your website once the First-time payment has been successfully processed. This is why we split the subscription types (First time or Recurring) in order to keep the accurate conversion rate for your marketing efforts.

Littledata sets up an additional Google Analytics view, with all the recurring orders in that view – simply called the ‘Recurring orders view’ for all subscriptions that started after you installed the Littledata app.

To check this, simply go in your Google Analytics account on and check if the new view called ‘Recurring payments view’ has been created for the Property on which Littledata is reporting.

‘Littledata: Recurring orders’ filter

A filter will be applied on the original view you connected to Littledata  to exclude recurring payments. This way, you will have the correct conversion rate for One-time purchases and First-time payment subscriptions.

To check this, simply verify if the ‘Littledata: Recurring orders’ filter has been applied only on the original view.

For all subscriptions that started after you installed the Littledata app, you will be able to group those payments by subscriber, and group by the marketing channel or campaign which caused them to start subscribing.

Here’s an example:

1. Go to Conversion > Ecommerce > Sales Performance. 
2. You can apply a Secondary Dimension of Affiliation 
3. You’ll see ReCharge first time orders coming through as Subscription, Subscription First Order and Recharge Recurring orders on as Subscription, Subscription Recurring Order. 

If you have any issues, please contact our support team!