Note: If you are running an AdWords campaign you must have a Google Analytics account. We will show you how to link these two accounts so you can unleash the full reporting potential of both platforms.

1. Sign into your Google Analytics account.

2. Click on the Admin cog on the bottom left-hand corner.

3. In the Account column, select the analytics account that contains the property you want to link to one or more of your AdWords accounts.

4. In the Property column, select the analytics property you want to link, and click AdWords Linking.

5. You can then select the checkbox next to any AdWords accounts you want to link with your analytics property. Click on Continue.

6. After that you’ll be prompted to link the configuration, please turn on All Web Site Data and then click Link accounts. 

7. Your set up is complete now and you can click Done.

8. Now when you go under AdWords Linking, you’ll be able to see your linked accounts!

More information and details about linking AdWords to GA can be found in the Littledata Blog!