If you opted not to have our app automatically inserting the tracking code at the top of your main Shopify theme file, then you’d need to update the snippet manually.

More details on how to customise the behaviour of the script using the LittledataLayer object can be found on the Shopify tracker GitHub page.

Here are the steps to update:

  1. In the top of the audit page of Littledata’s app, click COPY SCRIPT to copy a new version of the tracking script into the clipboard. If you don’t see that notification, please contact support.
  2. Find in your Shopify store theme editor the snippet file named LittledataLayer.liquid.
  3. Select all the contents of the file, and then paste in the contents of the clipboard to overwrite it.
  4. Check {%include ‘LittledataLayer’ %}  is still included in the main theme layout file. If it is not included make sure to follow the instructions in this guide to add the three-line snippet to your Shopify store templates.