Note: This guide is only for users who installed our ReCharge integration prior to March 2018. For more recent installs, the two Views are created automatically.

This is a guide to set up two different views (Recurring Orders and First-time Orders). This is necessary because for first-time orders and for Shopify orders you’ll want to see essential metrics such as conversation rates. Recurring orders would skew that data, which is why we have you create the second view.

1. In your Google Analytics account, create a duplicate view of the view you were using prior to Littledata. Under  Admin > View, select the view that you use for reports. This is usually a view called All Website Data.

Open View Settings and click on copy view.

2. Give this a new name. We suggest First time orders. Then click on copy view.

3. Under the view filter, click on add filter.  

4. Under filter name, type in a name. We suggest Exclude Recurring Orders.

5. Under filter type, select custom, and exclude. 

6. Under the filter field, select Ecommerce Store or Order Location.

7.  Under the filter pattern, type in Subscription, Subscription Recurring Order and click save at the bottom of the page.

This view will show Shopify orders and ReCharge first-time orders.

You will now have three views:

  • All Website Data – including raw data
  • Recurring Orders – including all your orders (first and recurring)
  • First-time Orders – including only Shopify and ReCharge first orders