Unfortunately there are a few situations when our Shopify source won’t play nicely other AnalyticsJS integrations for common Segment destinations.

The know destinations which cause problems are:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Olark

But it could affect other destinations.

Note: We are currently working with Segment to resolve this issue, and hope to support these other destinations soon

What’s the workaround?

  1. Remove the Google Analytics destination from your Segment account. This is important to remove the blockage (see below).
  2. Install Littledata’s Shopify to GA connection, alongside the Segment connection (for destinations other than GA)
  3. See the same event data directly in GA, plus the event data in other Segment destinations.

What’s the technical blocker?

Our client-side library needs to wait for the Google Analytics library to be ready before we send the right cookie identifier in the Segment pageview, to pass onto GA. But these other integrations block the loading of the GA library until the pageview event has been fired, creating a catch 22 situation.