Littledata's connections automatically track multi-currency Shopify setups, and send the correct product and order currencies through to Segment or Google Analytics. Many Shopify Plus merchants rely on Shopify Payments to manage multi-currency. If your Shopify store uses Shopify Payments to present prices in multiple currencies, our multi-currency tracking is an out-of-the-box solution to get accurate sales and marketing data.

Tip: Littledata also tracks a range of payment gateways beyond just Shopify Payments (ShopPay), including Klarna, PayPal and Stripe.

Here's how Littledata's multi-currency support works for different parts of the data processing.

Storefront pricing

If your storefront allows users to select a display currency, all the products in events will be priced in the user's currency. If this is different from the store currency, Google Analytics will convert this local currency to the GA view's currency at the previous day's exchange rate.

e.g. If your store currency is in USD, but the user opts to display prices in AUD then the Product Detail / Product Viewed event will include the price in AUD and Google Analytics will convert this to USD.

In other Segment destinations you will see a currency field which specifies one of Shopify's supported currencies.

Server-side events (carts, checkouts and orders)

All server-side events have products and orders priced in the store currency. This removes any risk of exchange rate fluctuations from affecting revenue reporting.

In Segment events you will see additional presentment_currency and presentment_amount fields from Shopify's checkout or order objects, which can be used if you want to display values to the customer in the same way as they are displayed in Shopify's checkout.

e.g. If your store currency is in USD, but the user opts to pay in AUD then the Checkout Step event will include the price in USD, and additionally presentment_amount in AUD.

Multiple country stores sending to one web property

If you have multiple country stores, with different store currencies, all sending data to a single web property in Google Analytics, then all the events will be converted to the Google Analytics view currency at the currency exchange rate.

Littledata Plus plans include a number of 'country stores' (Shopify stores localised in a particular currency). See our pricing plans for more information.