If your store presents prices in multiple currencies, using Shopify Payment’s multi-currency feature, then Littledata’s app is 100% compatible with multi-currency.

Here’s how it works for different parts of the data processing. We use Shopify’s definition of ‘presentment currency’ and ‘shop currency’.

Storefront data layer

All prices for products in the LittledataLayer and dataLayer variables will be in shop currency, regardless of the presentment currency. This includes the add-to-cart events handled by Littledata’s servers.

Checkout steps

Prices are sent in presentment currency, and converted by Google Analytics (or Segment) to the target currency at current exchange rates.

Note: Checkout steps were sent in the correct currency from 16/8/2019 onwards, for stores using our v8 tracking script

Orders & Refunds

All orders and refunded items are sent to Google Analytics in the shop currency.

Multiple country stores sending to one web property

If you have multiple country stores, with different shop currencies, all sending data to a single web property in Google Analytics, this is also handled by our tracking script.