Merchants using Littledata’s Segment connection can also take advantage of our ReCharge connection to track and send subscription data directly to Google Analytics.

Here’s how to enable the integration.

Basic installation (do this first)

1. Enable both Google Analytics and Littledata integrations within ReCharge (Go to your Shopify Admin > Apps > ReCharge > Integrations):

2. After enabling both integrations, change the Google Analytics integration ID in ReCharge to “UA” as shown below:

3. This completes the basic installation. You should now start seeing subscription data being sent to Google Analytics.

Advanced installation: Recurring payments view in Google Analytics

After the basic integration is complete, you have the option to add a new view for recurring payments and filter out the recurring payments from all the other views. Most users choose to enable these view and filter options.

1. In your Google Analytics account, create a duplicate view of the view you use for reports (usually called All Website Data). Under  Admin > View, Open View Settingsand click on Copy view:

2. Give this view a name; we suggest Littledata: Recurring Payments, as this will be the view that includes recurring payments.

3. Then manually add the filter below to all views except Littledata: Recurring Payments:

Success! You will now have two Views to help with subscription analytics and accurate Customer Lifetime Value calculations.