Littledata’s Segment app for Shopify stores makes it easy to track events on your site and send this data to Segment. But how do you connect that data to Google Analytics as a Segment destination?

In order to make Google Analytics receive data from Segment in a way that is accurate and orderly, follow the steps described below:

1. Go to your workspace within Segment:

2. Then hit Add Destination:

3. Select Google Analytics:

4. Then hit Configure Google Analytics:

5. Select and Confirm the Source you want to send data from:

NOTE: Please make sure you select the Source that receives data from Segment.comby Littledata.

6. Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID (UA) under Website Tracking ID and Serverside Tracking ID:

6. Enable Google Analytics settings:

You should now start seeing data being sent from Segment to your Google Analytics.

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