Note: This advanced connection is only available on Plus or Enterprise Plus plans


Littledata’s Google Analytics connection for Shopify formats common ecommerce events into Google’s Measurement Protocol standard. If you want to get this raw data pipeline directly to your own collection endpoint, you can add a URL within Littledata’s settings.

You might want to use this data pipeline to:

Getting started

  1. Go to the Settings.. General tab in Littledata’s app
  2. Enter a valid HTTPS endpoint, ending with /collect. For example, https:/
  3. Click SAVE to reapply the changes to our Shopify connection
  4. (optional) Manually update the tracking script to add the endpoint to our browser script

How it works

Client side

When the gtag library is initialised we specify your chosen endpoint as the transport_url for all GA hits. This will stop sending data to GA.

If you only want server-side events, you can disable this by removing the LittledataLayer.MPEndpoint value from our tracking script.

From the browser we send Pageviews and the following Enhanced Ecommerce events:

  • Product list views
  • Product list clicks
  • Product views
  • Product image clicks
  • Social shares of product

Server side

Every event that our servers would normally relay to GA will be sent to your chosen endpoint. This is in addition to sending the hit to GA.

The Enhanced Ecommerce events sent from our servers are:

  • Adds to cart
  • Remove from cart
  • Checkout steps
  • Orders (including recurring orders)
  • Refunds
  • Customer updates