Preset cross-domain tracking for Littledata users

If you use Shopify or Shopify Plus and have already installed one of Littledata’s Shopify apps to fix your analytics tracking, then the cross-domain linker implementation will be even easier. We offer versions for Google Analytics and Segment, but they work in basically the same way.

By default, our integration offers a series of preset URLs for domain tracking:,,,,

When you install Littledata, the app replaces Shopify’s integration with Google Analytics with its own improved tracking script (LittledataLayer).

How to set up extra cross-domain tracking

This script supports an extraLinkerDomains property where you can add extra sites for domain linking, keeping everything robust.

Go to your Shopify Admin >> Online Store >> Themes >> Actions >> Edit Code >> Search for LittledataLayer.liquid; you can add the extraLinkerDomains property to the LittledataLayer object as follows:


LittledataLayer = {
   transactionWatcherURL: '',
   referralExclusion: /(paypal|visa|MasterCard|clicksafe|arcot\.com|geschuetzteinkaufen|checkout\.shopify\.com|checkout\.rechargeapps\.com|portal\.afterpay\.com|payfort)/,
   googleSignals: true,
   anonymizeIp: true,
   productClicks: true,
   extraLinkerDomains: ["", ""],
   persistentUserId: true,
   googleAdsConversionIds: ['AW-12345'],
   hideBranding: false,
   ecommerce: {
      currencyCode: '{{shop.currency}}',
      impressions: []