Littledata’s Bold connection helps merchants track recurring purchases and get accurate data about marketing attribution and customer lifetime value. Our Shopify connection works automatically with select third-party checkouts such as Bold Subscriptions or Bold Cashier. All the recurring orders processed by Bold will appear in Google Analytics, linked to the customer that purchases – and the marketing activity that brought them to you.

That works automatically. But in order to get complete subscription analytics that include first-time order data, you need to take a few more steps.

Note: Littledata’s Shopify connection tracks Bold subscriptions automatically, but you need to follow this guide to get complete subscription analytics.

Follow the Basic setup to track first-time orders (first subscription orders), and the Advanced setup to create a separate view for first-time orders in Google Analytics.

Basic setup

  • Install Littledata’s Shopify app for Google Analytics
  • Activate the Shopify and Google Analytics connections
  • Go to your Bold admin
  • Go to Settings > General > Set Subscription tag
  • Select the ‘Create a tag for the first subscription order’ checkbox
  • Add the tag as first_recurring_order  (exact spelling is important)

Tip: Littledata’s Bold connection works for Segment users too. If you’re sending data from Shopify to Segment and then using Google Analytics as a destination, you should also follow the steps in this guide to track first-time orders.

Advanced setup

In order to get a complete picture of your subscription performance, we recommend having three separate views in your Google Analytics account so you can easily and accurately track each relevant metric.

  • All Website Data – including raw data
  • Recurring Orders – including all your orders (one time, first-time and recurring orders)
  • First-time Orders – including only Shopify and Bold first orders

To create a separate Google Analytics view for only First-time Orders (so you can get an accurate ecommerce conversion rate), you will need to set up a custom filter to exclude recurring orders.

This is similar to what our app does automatically for ReCharge subscriptions.

  1. Go to Google Analytics settings, and in the top right create a new Google Analytics view.
  2. Under view settings, go to Filters.
  3. Create a new filter called Exclude recurring orders .
  4. Select a Custom filter and Exclude based on the field ‘Ecommerce store or Order location’.
  5. Add ^recurring_order$  as the filter pattern. Note the ^ at the start and $ at the end.
  6. Verify the filter to check it matches how your Bold account is set up.