Bold Subscriptions Google Analytics



Littledata’s Bold Subscriptions to Google Analytics integration helps merchants track recurring purchases and get accurate data about marketing attribution and customer lifetime value.

How it works


Our main Shopify connections use a combination of client-side and server-side tracking to capture complete sales and marketing data for Shopify stores, and send that data to Segment or Google Analytics. These connections work automatically with select third-party checkouts such as Bold Subscriptions (Bold Recurring Orders) and Bold Cashier. All of the recurring orders processed by Bold will appear in Segment or Google Analytics, linked to the customer that purchases — and the marketing activity that brought them to you.

That order tracking works automatically with Littledata. But in order to get complete subscription analytics, that includes first-time order data, you need to take a few more steps.

Note: Using Bold Subscriptions Pro? Contact us for a demo of Littledata Enterprise.

Getting Started

Follow the Basic setup to track first-time orders (first subscription orders), and the Advanced setup to create separate Views for first-time orders and recurring orders in Google Analytics (highly recommended).

Basic setup

Step 1.

  • Install Littledata’s Shopify app for Google Analytics
  • Activate the Shopify to Google Analytics and Google Analytics to Littledata connections
  • Go to your Bold admin
  • Go to Settings > General > Set Subscription tag
  • Select the ‘Create a tag for the first subscription order’ checkbox
  • Add the tag as first_recurring_order  (exact spelling is important)

Tip: Littledata’s Bold connection works for Segment users too. If you’re sending data from Shopify to Segment and then using Google Analytics as a destination, you should also follow the steps in this guide to track first-time orders.

Step 2. If you have the native Bold to Google Analytics integration enabled, make sure to untick the Enable Ecommerce box and hit Save. Littledata takes over the Ecommerce tracking and sends the orders to your Google Analytics account automatically:

Advanced setup

In order to get a complete picture of your subscription performance, we recommend having three separate views in your Google Analytics account so you can easily and accurately track each relevant metric.

  • All Website Data – including raw data
  • All orders (Littledata)  – including all your orders (one time, first-time and recurring orders)
  • One-time orders and first-time subscriptions (Littledata)  – including only Shopify and Bold first orders

To create a separate Google Analytics view for only One-time orders and first-time subscriptions (Littledata)  (so you can get an accurate ecommerce conversion rate), you will need to set up a custom filter to exclude recurring orders. This is similar to what our app does automatically for ReCharge subscriptions.

  1. Go to Google Analytics settings, and in the top right create a new Google Analytics view.
  2. Under view settings, go to Filters.
  3. Create a new filter called Exclude recurring orders .
  4. Select a Custom filter and Exclude based on the field ‘Ecommerce store or Order location’.
  5. Add ^recurring_order$  as the filter pattern. Note the ^ at the start and $ at the end.
  6. Verify the filter to check it matches how your Bold account is set up.