Stores using subscription apps to manage recurring orders set up in the Shopify checkout can track these recurring orders using Littledata as part of the Shopify to Google Analytics or Shopify to Segment connections.

Which checkout apps does Littledata work with?

We have tested recurring orders with these checkout apps, but it should work with all checkout apps. Please contact our support team if you are using a new app and want to check if we integrate:

How are subscriptions tracked?

For subscriptions in the Shopify checkout, Littledata:

  • Tracks users and products through the Shopify checkout steps
  • Tracks the first time subscription orders (sent with order affiliation Shopify) *
  • Tracks recurring orders, generated by the terms of the subscription contract, back to the original marketing campaign (sent with order affiliation Subscription, Recurring Order)

* Currently we cannot distinguish these first-time orders from non-subscription orders (also sent with order affiliation Shopify). Some subscription apps apply order tags, but they are applied after the order is created. We hope to fix this when Shopify allows checkout apps to add tags.

Advanced Google Analytics setup

In order to get a complete picture of your subscription performance, we recommend having three separate views in your Google Analytics account so you can easily and accurately track each relevant metric.

  • All Website Data – including raw data
  • All orders (Littledata)  – including all your orders (one time, first-time and recurring orders)
  • One-time orders and first-time subscriptions (Littledata)  – including only one-off and first orders

To create a separate Google Analytics view for only One-time orders and first-time subscriptions (Littledata) (so you can get an accurate ecommerce conversion rate), you will need to set up a custom filter to exclude recurring orders. Our app does automatically for ReCharge subscriptions.

  1. Go to Google Analytics settings, and in the top right create a new Google Analytics view.
  2. Under view settings, go to Filters.
  3. Create a new filter called Exclude recurring orders .
  4. Select a Custom filter and Exclude based on the field ‘Ecommerce store or Order location’.
  5. Add Recurring Order  as the filter pattern.
  6. Verify the filter to check it matches how your Shopify account is set up.