What’s different for your store?

Littledata’s new V8 tracking script is a major upgrade in terms of data accuracy, page speed, and versatility. Designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores that want 100% accurate data in Segment or Google Analytics (GA), the new script will supercharge your tracking.

From v6, when we started using gtag, you shouldn’t notice any changes to the data structure in GA. What’s changed is under the hood.

What you may notice is a greater volume of add- or remove-from-cart events in GA, which are now sent directly from our servers.

What’s different for Littledata?

Moving most of our tracking script to a separate library, hosted on a CDN, makes it much quicker to deploy updates (fixing compatibility with new browsers, additional tracking events, etc) without making any edits to your store theme.

Does this work with gtag and GTM?

Yes, we’ve supported these two technologies since the start of 2019.

Does this work with current connections?

Yes, all the other connections are unchanged. This specifically affects the Shopify connection, and the tracking code running on your store theme.

How do I know if it’s working?

Our support agents will check the website functionality after they update the script version for you (or work with you to update the script). We also have new audit checks to make sure the tracking script is on all your Shopify pages, that the webhooks we need are set up correctly, and that the data is flowing to GA.

How does the script work with Optimize?

To be compatible with gtag you will need to add our Google Optimize connection instead of initialising this in a separate code snippet.

Known limitations

As with any new tech, there are some limitations to know about.

1. Shopify webhook de-duplication

De-duplication ensures that only one webhook is generated per 10-second window of time, even if multiple update actions occur within that window. The webhook that is issued after 10 seconds contains the most up-to-date payload, as per Shopify.

Example: if a cart is added to and then updated multiple times within a 10-second timeframe, only the state of the cart after ten seconds is reported.

2. Maximum 50 product list impressions tracked

Currently, LittledataLayer can only hold a maximum of 50 products for the page. Shopify limits their total collection products to 50 and there is no consistent way of returning the shop’s total number of products.

3. Missing add-to-cart event after 60 minutes on inactivity

We store the cart contents of your customers on our server for only 60 minutes. If a user keeps the session open for more than 60 minutes without updating the cart and does not refresh the session, all new updates to the cart will be seen as a different cart.

This will only happen if the user does not reload a page.

4. First product variant impression

Client-side events such as view_item will have by default the details of the first variant of the product, even if there is other or more variants selected by default. Fortunately, this will not affect any server-side events like Add to cartRemove from cart and Transaction, as they will have the right variants of the selected products.