By using Littledata’s services, and authorising your Google account, you are granting us access to:

  1. Your name, Google+ page and profile image
  2. Your email address
  3. All Google Analytics properties linked to your account
  4. (Facebook only) Facebook Ad campaigns and spend
  5. (Shopify only) Shopify orders, products and customers

Secure processing

When Littledata requests or sends your data to web services you opt into, or to display data in your browser, this is done via a secure (SSL) web connection. Any of your data that we store to provide your services is in a Mongo database hosted on AWS servers in New York state, USA (with the highest security precautions), and accessible only to our web servers (for your viewing) and a select number of Littledata employees and contractors.

Name and profile image

Your personal details are used only within the Littledata app you are accessing. When you sign in with Google we encrypt your access token and don’t store any password details.

Email address

We use your email to provide customer support, and infrequently promote new products and services to you (only from Littledata). You can opt out of these emails. We promise never to share this email address with third parties.

Google Analytics

Littledata pulls a range of data from your Google Analytics account. We use this data to:
(a) Provide customised HTML displays of your website performance, and accessible only via your Google account or (with explicit permission from you) to other members your invite to your Littledata account.

(b) Test new analytic methods and visualisations for our internal use. Your data will only be accessible by Littledata’s European Union based employees and contractors, bound by a non-disclosure agreement

(c) Provide anonymised benchmarks to other customers. We promise this will never be identifiable to you or your website, and will only be used in aggregate segments of at least 10 benchmark companies – so that your performance cannot be inferred from the benchmark

Sending personally identifiable information (PI)) about your end users to Google Analytics (for example, customer email addresses) is in breach of Google’s terms as well as our Terms.

Shopify stores

Our Shopify apps pull historic and current customer orders in order to feed this information back into Google Analytics. We only store non-personal information (order numbers, transaction amounts and product names), and these are stored securely on the same AWS servers.

Where you opt-into us sending PII customer data from Shopify to a third-party platform (e.g. we pass this information straight on without storing in our own database.