New features on Littledata’s app

v11.7 11th September 2019

Shopify and ReCharge integration now send pageviews on the checkout pages

Minor fixes

v11.6 4th September 2019

Shopify installation flow improvements

Facebook Ad Cost is now a paid connection

v11.3 30th August 2019

Google Optimize connection added

Multi-currency support for Shopify stores

Segment tracking script improvements

v11.2 9th August 2019

Benchmark improvements

Pricing improvements

v11 6th August 2019

UX improvements for the Shopify app

Billing system improvements

v10.9 26th July 2019

Codebase restructure

v10.7 17th July 2019

GA Connection improvements

New audit check for custom dimensions

v10.6 5th July 2019

Launched Shopify tracking script v8.0 [READ MORE]

Facebook connection v3.0 – improved data collectiom

v10.5 20th June 2019

Fixed various bug which affected the Shopify onboarding process

Possibility to connect to Google Analytics for Segment users

Audit improvements

UI improvements

v10.3 30th May 2019

Improved Shopify connection (Not dependant on Google Analytics connection anymore)

Connections can now be disconnected

Annual payment plans available

New pricing page

Several minor improvements

v10.2 12th April 2019

Improved connection listing

Discontinued embedded experience for Shopify apps

Added recommended connections

v10.1 1st April 2019

Option to custom install connection

Added Remarketing Audiences feature to Google Ads connection

v10.0 20th March 2019

New Shopify to connection

Shopify script version 6.0 now includes’s analytics.js library and Enhanced Ecommerce events

v9.9 18th March 2019

New Google Ads to Google Analytics connection

Change ownership of subscription

v9.8 13rd February 2019

Shopify script version 5.0 updated to support gtag.js [READ MORE]

Added enterprise connections

v9.7 31st January 2019

Added sign up via email

Sunset report packs

Improved ClientID capturing

v9.5 17th January 2019

New Shopify embedded integration

Improved ReCharge integration setup

Facebook Ad Cost connection now supports multiple accounts

v9.4  11th January 2019

Added new date range selector for report packs

Added Shopify Flow connectors

v9.3  7th December 2018

Dashboard redesign for better access to all app features

Added new types of report templates

Upgrade from Bootstrap 3 to 4

v9.2  7th November 2018

Updated payments system

Improved connections page

Improved Buyer Persona generation

v9.1  12th October 2018

More reliable benchmarking system.

Improved upgrade system.

v9.0  25th September 2018

New missions feature added for improving benchmark scores.

New beta integration for Facebook Ad Cost.

New connections page for existing and upcoming connections.

v8.3  23rd August 2018

Improved benchmarking for faster generation.

New audit check for shopping behaviour funnel.

Notification system improvements.

v8.2  23rd July 2018

Users can select their own industry sectors defined by the Internet Advertising Bureau (see Settings > General > Website sector)

v8.1  15th June 2018

Dashboard links connections and performance category features and shows metrics charts.

v8.0  11th May 2018

New design for easier access to features and settings, plus more space for reports (especially on mobile)

v7.9  25th April 2018

All users can pick a plan to upgrade and pay by credit or debit card.

Progress bar to show when a newly activated report pack will be ready.

v7.8  20th April 2018

New users start on the dashboard: with widgets to navigate to audit and benchmarks.

Shopify script v3.2 with GDPR protection.

v7.6  1st March 2018

The option to invite a team members in the app, to have access to reports and dashboards.

New Twitter login option.

Changed presentation for the Buyer Persona feature, for better understanding.

v7.5  31st January 2018

We present a new sign up flow which makes it easier to choose either your Google or Facebook account.

The option to join a team in the app, to have access to reports and dashboards.

New category structure for benchmarks, to easily identify the ones that are relevant for your website.

v7.1  10th October 2017

New Shopify pricing depending on store’s transactions and needs. Shopify users can now choose between four pricing tiers.

Clearer audit structure all users.

v7.0  22nd September 2017

New report styles that present data in a friendly way – donut chart and overall widgets.

Shopify app refactoring to make user journey smoother.

v5.5 12th July 2017

First time subscribers have the option to set up their settings while we collect the data.

An interactive and easy-to-understand dashboard.

v5.3 22nd June 2017
Stores which use ReCharge can now see repeat subscriptions linked to the same client ID.

A simplified, easy-to-use version of the settings section.

v5.2 15th June 2017

A more consistent experience throughout the tabs for our app  users – friendly animations and accurate loaders.

v5.1 30th May 2017

App users can authorise access to Google Search Console, and set up keyword groupings, ahead of future search term reports

ReCharge customers can segment their transactions by first-time and recurring payments

v4.5 27th March 2017

New dashboard charts, so you can compare metrics month on month or year on year.

Also changed the way the Shopify tracking script is added to Shopify store templates, to make the tracking faster.

v4.0 16th December 2016

Added possibility for user to inspect what is wrong with his GA Setup.

Shopify integration which allows users to One-click-fix their GA data collection based on the above mentioned audit page.


25th October 2016

Public demo version of the app, with example reports from a variety of customers.