Release notes

Littledata layer

v9.0.1 16th April 2021

Improved the datalayer snippet insertion logic
New spelling of webPropertyId
Faster speed for all pages
Product list clicks can be sent even when productClicks is false

v8.8.2 12th March 2021

Now accepting `measurementId` [GA4]

v8.8 26th February 2021

Format refactoring
Supports betaTester flag

v8.7 8th January 2021

Added product URL and image URLs for Segment client-side events

v8.6 23rd October 2020

Send accurate configuration to GTAG
Support measurement protocol endpoint as destination
Decrease layer load time

v8.5 15th July 2020

Improved collections page event tracking

v8.4 9th July 2020

Adding following fields to client-side events:
– shopify_product_id (string)
– compare_at_price (string with two decimals, like price)
– shopify_variant_id

v8.3 31st January 2020

Customer webhooks have been added to track any customer changes.
Segment source uses standard anonymous ID for all browser and server-side events.
Fixed bug which causes Monthly Tracked Users in Segment to be doubled for some customers.