New features on Littledata’s app


12th July 2017

First time subscribers have the option to set up their settings while we collect the data.

An interactive and easy-to-understand dashboard.


22nd June 2017

Stores which use ReCharge can now see repeat subscriptions linked to the same client ID.

A simplified, easy-to-use version of the settings section.


15th June 2017

A more consistent experience throughout the tabs for our app  users – friendly animations and accurate loaders.

Shopify users can now revert from Step 3 to Step 2 by clicking the ROLL BACK button.


30th May 2017

App users can authorise access to Google Search Console, and set up keyword groupings, ahead of future search term reports

ReCharge customers can segment their transactions by first-time and recurring payments


27th March 2017

New dashboard charts, so you can compare metrics month on month or year on year.

Also changed the way the Shopify tracking script is added to Shopify store templates, to make the tracking faster.


16th December 2016

Added possibility for user to inspect what is wrong with his GA Setup.

Shopify integration which allows users to One-click-fix their GA data collection based on the above mentioned audit page.



25th October 2016

Public demo version of the app, with example reports from a variety of customers.