Ecommerce site traffic

Automated reporting with Google Analytics data

Everything we build at Littledata is based on core principles of accurate data and actionable analytics.

Automated reporting is built into all of our products and services, helping online businesses make smarter decisions every day. These automated reports are faster and more useful than anything else on the market.

See how automated reporting fits into our feature set.

Report packs

Littledata’s report packs are complete sets of automated reports for online businesses. With specific packs for reporting on subscription analytics, ecommerce performance, general web performance, marketing channels, checkout behaviour, shopping funnels and more, they’re the easiest way to get a clear, consistent view of your web performance, marketing channels and revenue.

Learn more about why we built report packs and what’s included in the packs.

Analytics consulting and custom reports

Looking for something specific? With experience in everything from cross-domain tracking to complex subscription analytics, our certified consultants can help you set up accurate tracking and build custom dashboards and reports specific to your goals. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics Cloud, Shopify Plus, Magento or a custom build, we’re here to help.

Littledata’s popular enterprise plans include a dedicated account manager, plus custom setup and reporting and unlimited access to app features and automated report packs.