Conversion rate by marketing channel

If you use a mix of marketing tactics, you need to see which of them are contributing to your sales.

This table shows what percentage of visitors from each channel convert (i.e. buy something), and how this is changing week on week.

You might use this report to decide how to allocate your marketing budget between channels, or check compare high level performance.

Two of the channel groupings need further explanation:

  • DIRECT: this effectively means GA does not know where the traffic comes from (it is untagged). It could be from a mobile app link, a bookmark or a user pasting the URL into their browser
  • (OTHER): this is traffic which is incorrectly tagged. So the marketing partner you are using is sending some of the information (like campaign name) but not a medium or source which is recognised by GA.

Stores using our Shopify app will only see accurate attribution from the date after the fixes were applied – see you dashboard to see when that was. Before the fix, you may see too many sales from Direct and Referral.