Product category performance week on week

If you have different categories and subcategories it’s important to track how each subcategory is performing week on week.

This report will highlight the interest that was shown on pages that are part of a specific subcategory and their week on week performance.

A percentage above 100% for detail views compared with the previous week will show you that traffic for those pages has increased, so the interest for that kind of product has increased. If revenue value has increased at the same rate then you’re all good. But if revenue didn’t increase at the same level as traffic did, it means that for those specific pages you have some work to do.

If you want to be proactive, you can use this report to spot the subcategories with the increase in revenue but not in detail views. Look at them – these subcategories converted better last week. This change will tell you that the commitment to buy for these products has increased (maybe as a result of a branding campaign or they just have a better description). See why this is happening and try to apply to other categories also.