Shopping behaviour by channel

How far does each channel push users towards buying. Do they even view a product or add to cart?

Our Shopify app uses ‘enhanced ecommerce’ reporting to capture the common steps in the process:

  • Viewing the product in a list
  • Viewing the product details
  • Adding to cart
  • Checkout
  • Purchasing

In this report you will see the individual steps which are set up for your site. If your store has unique steps you may need a custom report to see this more clearly.

Seeing the stage before purchasing is useful if you have a low conversion rate, but need a leading indicator – showing which channels are likely to generate sales if you continue the campaigns or increase the budget.

If users are not getting view a product or add to cart, you can investigate how your landing pages are configured for that channel, or the messaging is aligned. If users are browsing but not checking out, you should look at your pricing and messaging around delivery or returns.