Jan 14th, 2020 – Server Outage [closed]

We monitored the events for our customers over the past few days. For most customers, we were able to recover and send 70-80% of events. However, despite our best efforts, the remaining events for the period of Jan 9th and Jan 10th could not be recovered. Note – this is an average, the situation might differ from store to store.

Secondly, as Littledata continues to scale, we have now implemented improvements to our queuing infrastructure so that we are better prepared henceforth.

Jan 10th, 2020 – Server Outage [update]

As of midday today, Jan 10th, 2020 all of the backlog has been processed. At this point, most of the events would have been sent to their respective destinations (GA or Segment) with some hours of delay. We will continue to monitor all customer data and issue an update as required.

Jan 9th, 2020 – Server Outage

Around midday January 9th, 2020 GMT our servers experienced an usually high volume of events in a short period, leading to a backlog that didn’t get processed in time. This delay caused a knock-on effect for subsequent events that also got stuck in the queue for the rest of the day. We are currently investigating the issue, more updates to follow